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Living room view, from the dining room. Living room view, towards the front door/foyer. 
Blue wall (essentially where the table is) where the new closet will go. Living room from the front doors. Existing hardwood under the carpet to be repaired/refinished.
From front doors, toward family room.
Foyer; tile to be replaced, stairs to be refinished. Left wall to be moved to enlarge entrance.
From family room, toward front door. (Powder room on left.) Alternate view from family room toward front door.
Powder room. Wall to be moved to eliminate "dead space" beyond toilet. Powder room. Replace all fixtures, replace flooring.
Family room towards kitchen.
Family room (from kitchen). Closet to be demolished on immediate left.
Family room - notice the oh-so-lovely dark brown fake paneling. That used to be all over the cave-like family room. Family room towards the kitchen - closet to be demo'd to enlarge kitchen.
Family room (from the kitchen doorway). Hardwood floors to be installed, can lights to be added. Drywall patched/repaired/replaced as needed (obviously). Family room from the foyer hallway; sliding doors to be replaced.
Kitchen view from family room towards dining room (this wall to come down).
Kitchen view from the family room.
Kitchen view from dining room towards family room. Kitchen view from kitchen window.
Kitchen window to be replaced with sliding doors/possible bow?
From dining room toward kitchen. Dining room view from living room. Shared kitchen wall on left (beyond doorway) to be removed. Existing hardwood under carpet to be repaired/refinished as needed.
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