Recent stuff...
Cedar Point 2006: Harvey the RV's maiden voyage, and a few pictures (very few, since E forgot the camera half the time) of our fun weekend!
April/May 2006
It's a miracle! I finally updated. Charlie's February 06 first birthday party, and some long overdue pictures from fall 2005.
Luke's first NASCAR race, 4th of July...
Gay's visit and the Petzold/Larson excursion to Cedar Point. Wooooo whoooooo!
Visits, baby birds, and Sarah's graduation party!
Par-tay pictures, Luke's "date" (with an older woman, no less), birdies in the flowers, and the big dogs!)
Mother's Day (and Megan's birthday, too!)
Easter, the Best Cheesecake Ever, and more visits!
Visits and visitors! (March 05)
Snow! (Finally!) January 22, Luke's first sledding experience.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 2004...
Halloween 2004 - Cats & Dogs