Our Wedding:
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The ceremony & reception were at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, 90 miles southwest of Chicago. The setting was beautiful, and we had perfect weather (80 degrees and sunny) for an outdoor ceremony (not bad for the end of October!!).
The Wedding Bus
Erika's folks, Fritz & Karen Petzold
Mom & Dad Petzold were a little concerned about the distance that guests would have to drive, so they chartered a bus.
Aunt Linda, Uncle Ron, and Chelsea Pierce looked resplendent in more of their incredible garb.
Paul's folks, Peter & Barbara Larson
Erika and her Grandpa, Walter Petzold
Erika's Last Petzold Picture!
Erika - still a Petzold - is accompanied down the aisle by Dad and Grandpa on her way to become a Larson.
Mage Danny Belles passed out programs...
... with a bit of help from his brother, Sir Tommy Belles.
Table 11!
L-R: That's Pete Cruz, Wanda Carnes, Diane Cruz, Peter Carnes, err, no I mean Raucci, and the lovely Sarah Carnes.
...And we danced the night away!
"Auntie" Diane and "Uncle" Pete Cruz
We take pride that our wedding was probably one of only a few where bride and groom were held at swordpoint by pirates!
The Pirates taking a break to enjoy some brew.
L-R: Jeff Evertz and Mark Petzold
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Thanks once again to all who made our day special... We've enjoyed all the pictures and memories from that weekend. If you don't see yourself or a favorite picture here, zap us an email and nag us to get it up!