Luke's new Big Boy room!

As you can see, we've gone a little over-the-top with the racecar decor!

Daddy and Grandpa tore up the carpet, we've had the hardwood refinished, painted flames and stripes and checkered flags...

We replaced all of the upstairs windows and I finally got the window flags finished... (No more black sheet!)

Some "Before" Pictures...

The Bambi mural... We had a hard time covering this up, but ultimately we decided it was time for a change... (we took lots of pictures, Aunt Theresa!)

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Closet doors. I'm going to paint a mural on these at some point in the future (maybe, if it's not too over the top, har har) - a big, bold sign for Luke's Racing Team. You can see Luke's stainless toolchest/dressers in these pictures. They can be stacked in the future.
Luke lounging before bed... (2 years old)