Howdy! Below are links to some of our favorite web pages.
Some places have fancy seasonal celebrations. Durango has Snowdown, with 5 days of activities like the Cream Pie Hit Squad, Bar Olympics, and yes, Spam Carving. If you're in the southwest Colorado area, we highly recommend it!
When you're dying to know what's happening around Durango, visit the Durango Herald. Better yet, need a laugh? Visit the Herald's Police Blotter!
Looking for a new dog or cat? We highly recommend the La Plata County Humane Society. Our big, sweet, fuzzy brindle dog Jedi came to us from there, and she was a great doggy!
Steve, Melissa, Nathan & Elsa Petzold's home page features adorable baby pictures, trains, and horses, dogs, and a variety of other critters!
Visit Stacey, Wes, and Teagan's site for beautiful Teagie pictures!
Thorsten Petzold's website. Brush up on your German and meet the family at the same time!
Need a computer? Check out Technifluence's systems! (or, do some shopping at their virtual mall!)
Enrico's website... Our favorite Italian (spending some time in England)!
Check out one of E's all time, absolute favorites... Rik Emmett
...and another E favorite. Steve Morse's site has info about his solo stuff and his work with Deep Purple.
And then of course there's Kansas, Dream Theater, David Ragsdale, and a whole bunch of other music in Erika's CD collection.