We've moved. Yes, again.
This time we've gone west - though not as far west as we'd like! We took the plunge and bought Paul's family's place. A little strange to be in the house he grew up in, but we're adjusting and making it our own. We'll post some before/after pics as we finish them - we have some pretty major remodeling planned for this place.

The neighborhood here in Darien is fantastic though - lots of parks and greenbelts. I think Luke will really enjoy those this coming summer!

Meet the baby!
Charlotte's Room!
Luke's Room!
Our latest project - the nursery!! (yeah, yeah, we were hoping to have this done before she was born, but that didn't quite happen!) Click here for pictures of Charlie's Safari.
The first room we started work on! Click here for before & after pictures of his new digs...
Pictures of the house
the Larson Zoo
Ye Olde Wedding
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Playroom is also done!
Some before and after pictures of another recent project... Click here!
Mostly done!! Wallpaper is down! Paint is done! Wall is UP! Floors look amazing - click here for some before and after pics! (Below: Lily snoozing on the bed, with pillows and book courtesy of Luke...)
And next on the agenda...
We're doing a bunch of the work ourselves, so it's sure to be slow going. Click here for more "before" pictures of the house - we'll be sure to update as we generate some "afters"!
The Hammond Homestead. Click here to see some shots of our old Indy house...
Bear Creek memories. Click here to see our old Colorado house (*sniff, sniff*).