Reminder: For the adults, everyone will bring 2 wrapped gifts... One (in the ~$100-150 range) for your chosen partner and one (in the ~$75-100 range) for the general grab...
Mom's List
  • bath scale (with large numbers)
  • sweaters (medium)
  • Gift Certificates: Millrose, Dover Straits, Long Grove Cafe, Schnitzel Platz, Panera
Dad's List
  • Old-fashioned radio/record player, like this (must have AM/FM, turnstyle for records, tape and CD player... No table)
  • Gift Certificates: Millrose, Schnitzel Platz, Panera
Helen's List

- LightTracer II by Artograph
- Snowflake Shortbread Pan: Item #5787 (
- Cookie Scoop Teaspoon: Item #5638 (
- Martha Stewart:Crafts Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit (Michaels)
- Martha Stewart:Crafts Poinsettia Wreath Kit (Michaels)

Brian's List
Patrick's List

  • reciprocating saw (not battery powered)
  • Digital picture Frame
  • Collar (work) shirts size L
  • Blank DVD disks TDK DVD +/-R 4.7GB
  • Bike trainer, like this or like this
  • Jiffy Lube gift card
Melanie's List
  • Girls Night out (Movies, dinner)
  • gift certificate or tops size M
  • Euro II Highchair - natural Item #:13300 $99.95
  • Cooshee Booster Seat green or blue Item #: 13212 $32.95
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • Body Works hand soap and/or candles
  • Gift certificate from Salon 51 (ph # 773-775-1424, 5037 N. Harlem)
  • PINK perfume (the original scent) at Victoria Secret
  • From Penzey's
  • Vanilla extract
  • Taco Seasoning Gift Box
  • Cheese Seasonings Gift Box
  • As our family grows, we need more Corelle plates to add to our set:
  • -Impressions Enhancements 20-pc Set
    SKU: 1068277
    -Impressions Enhancements 2 Piece Serving Bowl Set
    SKU: 1074338
    -Impressions Enhancements Serving Platter
    SKU: 1074337
  • Target - 2 large "Willow Baskets" ($29.99)
Mark P.'s List
  • A bike chain cleaner, like this
  • An entry level clipless pedal set (road), like this
  • A 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 (667 or 800Mhz) memory kit. Enough techno-mumble jumbo, I think a link is in order for this one. (Because memory prices jump all the time, ignore this idea if it's above around $50)
  • A replacement iPod Nano (1st generation) armband
  • Giftcards:
  • Village Cycle Center
  • Performance Bike
  • Lowe's
  • Home Depot
  • Menard's
Heather's List
Paul's List
  • Powered subwoofer for my computer, like JBL Creature II or similar (I already have the speakers)
  • Pens (nicer than a Bic, but not so expensive that I feel guilty if I lose them!)
  • CD The Beatles (White Album)
Michael's List
  • Wii or Xbox 360
  • A Wii or Xbox 360 game with a 80% or higher at
  • iTunes gift cards
  • A pair of decent computer headphones
  • A pair of decent iPod headphones (not black)
Erika's List
  • Hand-made Mexican glassware (like this or this or this, or some mix & matched combination of those kinds of things, set of 12)
  • Tiki glass, like this or this or this, or whatever you can find that you think is cool/funky (but still large enough to be useful (say, at least 14 oz capacity). And dishwasher safe.) Definitely does NOT have to match, just looking for cool/funny tikis to use as everyday glassware) or
  • Fog machine (hey, I love Halloween) or
  • Gift certificate to be used toward a Carsten's Friendly Footstool, Sitka the shaggy brown bear or Shadow the shaggy black bear
  • Subscription to Archeology magazine
Megan's List
Max's List
  • Lots of love
  • Savings bond for school
  • Size 3T cloths (PJ?s,)
  • socks (wears size 8 shoe), slippers
  • Rake, snow shovel, broom (Max loves to help and clean!)
  • Tee ball set
  • Any kind of ball, construction truck, car, train, airplane or emergency vehicle
  • bubble bath, small boat for bath time
  • Anything Thomas the Tank (we have Thomas the Tank wooden engine and some wooden track) or Bob the Builder
  • Tools to help daddy work around the house
  • My First Leap Pad or something like it to learn abc?s etc.
  • ice crusher- Max loves to eat ice!
  • Geo Track Trains
  • Sippy cup with straw or one for 2+yrs
  • Rhythm instrument set/ individual pieces/instruments from around the world
  • Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum Item
Luke's List
  • Savings bonds for college fund are always appreciated!
  • Connect Four game, or other board games for bigger kids
  • Geotrax extra track pieces, & High Chimes clock tower
  • 100-150 piece puzzles
  • Art supplies (Crayola washable markers, etc)
  • Crayola Light-up tracing desk
  • Legos
  • Rhythm instrument : Asian frog rasp from
Grace's List
  • Savings bonds for college
  • Little Ponies playset
  • Littlest Pet Shop pets / playsets
    (Please see Exclusion List below.)
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop giftcard
    Exclusions List: Grace already has the following sets:
    - Littlest Pet Shop Display & Play Pet Nook: Dragonfly w/ swing, Monkey w/ gym, Seahorse w/ bathroom, Turtle w/ surf shop
    - Littlest Pet Shop: Merry Mice
    - Littlest Pet Shop: Little Lovin? Pet Playhouse
    - Littlest Pet Shop: Round and Round Pet Town
Zachary's List
  • Savings bonds for college
  • Leibniz Butter Biscuits
  • Keebler Scooby-Doo Baked Graham Cracker Sticks
Kayla's List
  • Savings Bonds
  • Hokey Pokey Elmo
  • Backyardigans:Sing Along Music Maker
  • Sesame Street: Lots to learn Elmo Laptop (by fisher price)
  • Playskool Weebles: Weebalot Castle
  • Sesame Street Elmo's Alphabet Bus
  • A Laurie Berkner CD (she doesn't have any, although she does have the DVD)
  • Fold 2 Go Trike Pink & Purple by Radio Flyer
  • A wagon
Ethan's List
  • Savings bonds for college
  • Playskool Wheel Pals Dual-Start Dragway
  • Olive Kids: Trains, Planes and Trucks Twin Comforter/Sheetset ( OR Linens N Things) This is expensive and a group gift would be greatly appreciated!
Charlotte's List
  • Savings bonds for college fund are always appreciated!
  • Toy cash register
  • Doctor kit
  • FurReal friend (anything but the piglet)
  • Littlest Pet Shop things (anything but the Round & Round Pet Town)
  • Elefun game (or other board games)
  • Charlie also really likes horses
Hannah's List
  • Lots of love
  • Savings bonds for college
  • Pampers size 1 or 2
  • Clothes for > 3 months
  • Photo Album
  • Bonnet
  • Ruffle denim skirt with panties
  • Girly cargo pants
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