Luke: 6 months - 11 months
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Luke: The First Six Weeks
11 months - 14 months
Luke: 6 weeks to 4 months Luke: Recent Stuff
11 months old! Getting into trouble, and "enjoying" a popsicle. (head rush!!!!)
Meet the baby!
Pictures of the house

10 months old! Luke's first haircut; posing with his cousins, dog, and food...
the Larson Zoo
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Baby Bath Time! There's nothing like a strategically placed duckie to keep things "G"-rated...

Some pictures of Luke at 9 MONTHS! These were taken 9/11 - he stood up by himself (well, okay, with a bit of help from Lily) for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!

It's so hard to believe that Luke is nearly 8 months old. He's not quite crawling, but that's okay with us! Here are some recent pictures of the little guy.

BBQ'd Luke! Compliments of Shannan and Sarah... Thanks for the fun time, everyone - I love to Par-Tay!!

Luke is 7 months old already and changing so much! He's trying to figure out how to crawl, and this week his new favorite thing is shaking and nodding his head no and yes.

*Sniff* Look who's already 6 months old! Mommy and Luke took a trip to Sears on June 5 to celebrate the occasion. Watch out! Check your mail, mommy will probably send these out to everyone we know!
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11 months - 14 months