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11 months to 14 months
Meet the baby!
April/May 2006
Pictures of the house
the Larson Zoo
Feb/March 2006
Ye Olde Wedding
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A whole bunch of updates because E's been slacking: Luke at Catigny, Morton Arboretum (aka "The Tree Park"), the Zoo, the pumpkin farm, the Kansas concert, & home!
More summer fun - baking cookies, a giant chicken, and a boy and his dog(s)...
Popsicles & Pop's Day
Pool time!
Our little gardener - summer's finally coming!
Little Bob Villa, Chocoholic Luke, and Luke's slightly-late-but-awfully-cute 2 year pictures!
Luke testing out his "new bikycle" (well, the new bike trailer)...
Visiting, the park, and feeding the gucks!
Luke & his new sister!
Luke & Grandpa, Daddy & an exhausted little boy! Luke the helper and "arteeest".
Getting SO big!! We think he's grown 50% just since we brought Charlotte home!
Luke snoozing in his big boy bed & some pictures from Christmas 2004.
Halloween 2004 - Cats & Dogs

Our little "choo choo" engineer, at the park (both regular and "super size" Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park), summer BBQs....
Click here for Luke: the first 6 weeks
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